Christian Religious Studies JSSCE

Call to obedience

Obedience means doing what you are told to do. It is to comply with the rules and regulations at home and at school, and with the laws in the community. It is to adhere to instructions given to us or to act upon any order or command given to us.

Abraham Obeys God’s Call (Genesis 12:1-4)

Abraham’s father was Terah. He was the descendants of one of those people who were scattered in small language groups after the Tower of Babel incident. He grew up in Ur of Chaldeans.

When Terah died in Haran, Abraham a young man took over the responsibilities of his family. Abraham lived with his family till he was seventy five-years. God then called Abraham and told him:

“Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you.’’

Blessing from Obeying God’s Call (Gen. 12: 5-9)

God promised to bless Abraham if he obeyed the call to leave his country. God promised Abraham four things:

  1. A new land.
  2. A great nation.
  3. Bless those who bless Abraham.
  4. A blessing to all mankind or generation.

From Haran, Abraham and his group travelled southwards for weeks and months. Finally they entered the land of Canaan and came to the city, Shechem. In the centre of the town was a sacred tree called the ‘Oak of Moreh.’ Abraham and his group stopped by the sacred tree and spent the night there. In the night God appeared to Abraham in Shechem and promised him the land – Canaan to give him and his descendants.

Religious and Moral Lessons

  1. You must learn to pray to God to help you to be obedient in all things as Abraham did.
  2. Pray to God to help you to be obedient in order to be blessed by Him.
  3. Ask God for help to show faithful obedience in your relationship with Him.


  1. What is Obedience?
  2. In what ways did Abraham demonstrated his obedience?
  3. Mention the four things that God promised Abraham for his obedience.

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