Christian Religious Studies Notes

Christian Attitude to Works

Meaning of Christian attitude to work:

Christian attitude to work implies the right  and correct type of behavior expected of a Christian at work or while working.

Behaviours Christians should put up at work:

They include the following;

1.  Faithfulness:  Paul in his epistle to the Colosian Christians spoke against eye-service. Whatever  we find ourselves doing, complete faithfulness is demanded of us. We should not do anything as Christians hypocritically.

2. Loyalty; Christians should be loyal and devoted to the service  they’ve been called into and not to work deceitfully whether for man or for God.

3.  Diligence: Christianity does not tolerate sluggishness. Christians should be up and doing at work to get a maximum result.

4.  Consistency:  Christians should not play truancy at work because it does not encourage progress because progress is only measured by consistency of diligence and hard work.

5.  Creativity:  Christians are not expected to be dull ants, they are to be diversified in creating new ideas. Creativity is expected of Christians at work because God our father also is a creative God. We should spice up our work with new ideas that will make our work better.


1.       Mention and explain four behaviours a Christian is expected to put up at work.

2.       Explain  Christian attitude to work.

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