Christian Religious Studies Notes

Dignity of Labour

(1 THESS 3:6-15, 2:9, COL 3:23-25, EPH 6:5-8, TITUS 3:1

The bible instructs that whatever our hands find to do, we should do it with all our mind. God himself worked hard during creation and he expects nothing less from us.

Obligation to work:

          Paul  in his letter to the Colosians, he admonished and encouraged them to work hard and do whatever they are privileged to have access to as work with the whole off their heart and that they should do it not unto men but unto God. Paul discouraged laziness and encouraged hardwork.

Importance of hard work to human life:

1.  It makes one successful in life;  If a person is hardworking in anything  he or shse does success is always the end result.

2.  It discourages mediocrity: A mediocre is someone that is satisfied with the average life. Hardwork makes one go beyond average and takes one to the apex.

3.  Hard work elevates a person and takes one to a greaterheight and sustains such an individual there.

4.  Anyone who is hardworking would be respected by others because such a person will not have time for frivolity with lazy ones.

5.  Hard work paves way for an individual to have access to the good things of life because he/she must have worked for it and instead of begging others he/she has free access to things he has worked for.

6.  Happiness and fulfillment in life;  Hardwork makes one happy and fulfilled in life. If a person has worked hard  in the prime of his/her life, such a person at old age lives to enjoy what he has worked for.

The bible’s view on idleness:

          The bible condemns idleness because idleness is a sin. Anyone who is idle has the tendency to go into sin because at that time of idleness the devil can minister to a person to do wrong things and that is why a saying goes thus “an idle hand is the devil’s workshop” also the bible says anyone who does not work, let him not eat.

          The devil usually targets a man’s idle time to tempt man into committing sin and doing wrong things


1.       Mention three importance of hardwork to human’s life.

2.       What is the bible view on idleness?

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