Agricultural Science JSSCE Notes

Classification of farm animals.

CONTENT:  1. Classification based on the habitat 

                   2. Classification based on mode of reproduction and feeding of

              their  young ones.

Introduction:   Farm animals can be classified into different classes using different criterial.        These includes; their sizes, their habitat ,how they reproduce and feed their young ones and the type of stomach they have.

Sub-topic one: Classification Based On Their Habitat

Habitat means where someone or something is living. Some farm animals are living on land and we called them terrestrial animals. Example of such animals are: cattle, sheep, goats, pigs fowls camels etc. Some other farm animals live in water and are called aquatic animals. E.g. fish  shellfish, hippopotamuses etc.

          There are some terrestrial animals, however, that live on trees and are called arborial  animals e.g.  birds.

           All living things need oxygen for survival. Terrestrial animals obtain oxygen directly from the atmosphere, but aquatic animals obtain oxygen dissolved in the water where they live.


1.   What are terrestrial animals?

2.   Give four examples of the following:


Aquatic animals.

Terrestrial animals.

3.   Where does the aquatic animals get their oxygen requirement?

Sub-topic 2: Classification based on mode of reproduction and how they feed their  young ones.

Using this criteria, farm animals can be classified into two group which are:



Mammals are those animals that bear their young ones alive and have their bodies covered with hair. They equally feed their young ones with milk from their mammary glands(breast).Examples of mammals are: goat, sheep, cattle, pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits.

Non- mammals are animals which produce their young ones by laying and hatching eggs. Examples are birds, fishes, lizards , snails, snakes.


1.   Differentiate between mammals and non- mammals.

2.   Mention five examples each of each

3.   State three characteristics of mammals.

Week end assignment:

1.   Make a ten list of the example of the following:



2. Junior secondary Agriculture (workbook 1)byAnthony.Youdeowei et-al pages 9 – 10

3.   Draw and label the two types of stomach farm animals can have.

Pre-reading assignment:

1.   Junior Secondary Agriculture For Nigeria Schools Book 1, page 50.


Junior Secondary Agriculture For Nigeria Schools by Anthony Youdeowei and others

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