Agricultural Science JSSCE Notes

Forms Of Farm Animals

CONTENT: (i)  Meaning of Farm Animals

                   (ii)  Forms of Farm Animals

                    (iii) characteristics of farm animals.

Sub –Topic  1:  Meaning of farm animals

Farm animals  are animals that are reared by man for different purposes. Farm animals include goats, sheep. Rabbits, poultry, cattle, pigs fish, snails etc.

Forms of farm animals

1.Work Animals: These are animals that are used for work on the farm. they are used for carrying loads, ploughing,  harrowing and ridging.

 Examples of work animals are  cattle e. g bullocks [Sokoto  Gudali , White Fulani] , horses, camels and donkeys. These animals are referred to as beasts of burden.


·    They are well built with good body conformation.

·    They can survive  or travel long distance without water.

·    They are rugged and have very great strength.

2.Dairy Animals: These are animals reared purposely for milk production. Examples are cattle[White Fulani, Sokoto Gudali Red Bororo]; Goats[Nubian goats, Jumnapari  and surti of Indian]. Milk provides protein vitamins and minerals.


·    They are lean and have  angular form of body.

·    They have well developed mammary gland system.

·    They have high food conversion  efficiency for production of milk.

3.Guard Animals: These are animals domesticated or tamed and used for protecting life and properties from danger .

Examples are dogs, parrot, cat etc.


·    They are easily controlled.

·    Most of them are of an average size.

·    They can be trained snd tamed to suit our purpose e.g security.

·    They are sensitive to human behavior.

Weekend  Assignment : Read the text ( Junior Sec. Agric.) and answer the questions on the work book page 8

Explain the following with examples  [I ]Guard animals [ii] Dairy animals.

4.Poultry:These are domesticated birds raised for meat, eggs or feather. Examples of poultry birds are domestic fowl, guinea fowl, turkey, geese and ducks.


·    Poultry bird a have medium body size.

·    They do not give birth to their young ones alive [they lay egs].

·    They have simple stomach.

·    They are prolific animals, they lay and hatch many eggs into chicks.

·    Their body is covered with feathers and they have two legs.

·    They are best managed by intensive system .

5.Pets:These are animals kept as companion, treated with great care and affection.

 Examples are dogs, cats, parrots, canaries, pigeon,monkeys, etc.


·    They are easily domesticated.

·    They live freely with human beings  .

·    They can feed on food that are taken by human beings.

·    They can be trained to be harmless.

6.Aquatic Animals: These are animals that live inside water like rivers, lakes, dams ponds and streams. Examples are prawn, oysters, lobsters, crabs, periwinkles, turtles, squids, shrimps, fish, frogs, etc


Mention  three examples of the following: I  Aquatic animals  ii  Poultry

WEEKEND   ASSIGNMENT:                                                                                                                                               Read the text Agricultural Science for JSS 1by L A Are et al.Pages29-32.


List two characteristics of the following animals:

        (i)  Poultry    (ii)  Pet


1 .The  animal that has  feather and two legs is called ________

(a)  Poultry

(b)  Rabbit

(c)   Cattle

(d)  Goat

2.   The animals that are easily domesticated and live freely with human beings are called——–

(a)  Dairy animals

(a)  Guard  animals

(c)   Poultry

(d)  Work animals

3.   The following animals give birth to their young ones alive EXCEPT

(a)  Pigs

(b)  Dogs

(c)  Goats

(d)  Turkey

  4.  Production of one offspring only in a year is characteristics of

(a) Cattle

(b)  Goat

(c)  Sheep

(d)  Rabbit

5.Animals that have the ability to survive or travel long distance without water are called

(a)  Dairy animals

(b)  Work animals

(c)  Pet animals

(d)  Poultry birds.


1.(a)  State one major characteristics of poultry birds.

           (b)  List five poultry  birds.

      2.  (a) Explain the meaning of pet animals.

           (b) Mention two characteristics of pet  animals

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