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Clef; Definition of clefs, Kinds of clef, G clef, or Treble clef, F clef or Bass clef

Clef is a French word, meaning Key.

Clef is defined as a symbol placed at the commencement [beginning] of a stave [staff] which indicates

the  pitch of a musical note and also fixes the letter names of the lines and spaces.

At this level, we shall consider the two major clefs which are also in common use.

Kinds of clef

Treble clef or G clef; this clef starts from the second line of the stave which is called G, and curls round it.

 When G clef is placed on a stave or staff, the stave automatically becomes  a treble stave.Treble stave consist of five parallel lines and four spaces as shown below.The lines and spaces have namehich are taken from the seven letters of the alphabets; A B C D E F G called musical alphabets.

Treble Lines E G B D F  Every  good boy deserves favour.

Treble Spaces F A C E  Fanta and cake every day.  

Treble or G clef

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Bass or F clef:

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Bass  clef  starts on the fourth line of the Bass stave . when this symbol is placed on a stave, it becomes  the name of that stave.

Bass stave consist of five   horizontal [parallel]  lines and four spaces. The lines and spaces of bass stave

Bass lines G B D F A  Good boy deserves fanta always

Bass spaces A C E G  All cows eat grass.


1 Define the word clef   2 Identify the main kinds of clef.3 Write two functions of a clef on the stave [staff]

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