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Clerical Staff and Job qualities of Clerical staff


  • Definition
  • Examples of clerical staff
  • Job qualities of a clerical staff


A clerical staff is someone who keeps record of account or sales in an office .Generally , a clerical staff is assigned to do written work.

Examples of a clerical staff are

  1. Accounts clerk
    1. Sales clerk, etc


  1. Must possess a sound minimum education of West African Senior School Certificate or its equivalent
  2. Must have the ability to speak official language fluently
  3. Must be endowed with good health
  4. Must be willing to improve on his education
  5. Must have the ability to respond to enquiries with alertness of mind, precision and interest.
  6. Must have an ambition to take to a profession.
  7. Must like clerical duties such as recording and filling.
  8. Must be cheerful and courteous when attending to callers
  9. Must possess the ability to take correct decisions without being directed.
  10. Must be neat and smartly dressed always.


  1. Who is clerical staff?
  2. Give two example of clerical staff


Business Studies for Junior Secondary School Book One revised edition by O.A Lawal, J.E Yaro, F.O.C. Ezeah Page 3 – 4


  1. Someone who is employed to keep record of account in an office is called (a) clerical staff (b) account officer (c) sales officer
  2. The minimum qualification for the post of a clerk in an office is called (a) SSCE (b) OND (c) ATS
  3. A good clerical staff must possess the following quality except (a) must be neat (b) must be willing to improve on his education (c) must be arrogant
  4. The basic functions of an office are the following except (a) receiving information (b) giving information (c) scattering information
  5. Trade by barter means (a) exchanging goods for goods and services (b) buying goods and services (c) selling goods and services


  1. What is meant by clerical staff?
  2. Mention five qualities of a good clerical staff


  1. What is trade by barter?
  2. State two advantages of money over trade by barter
  3. Mention four subjects covered by business studies
  4. State one benefit of studying business studies
  5. What is an office?

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