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Introduction To Office Equipment


  • Meaning
  • Various types of office equipment


Office equipment are tools and assets used by a firm or an organization. The organisations use them for the following:-

  1. To receive information
  2. To disseminate information
  3. For saving valuable items, etc.


The various types of office equipment in use in an office are :-

  1. OFFICE CABINET: This is a place when documents, surplus cash, and valuable items are kept


  1. It prevents document, cash and valuable items from being stolen
  2. It prevents the above items from fire explosion
  • TYPE WRITTER: This is a machine which prints letters on paper by means of keys


  1. It makes the secretary work faster
  2. It presents the typed work neatly
  3. It is faster than using pen to write
  • TELEPHONE: This is a machine through which information relating to an organization in question is received and given. Telephone could be digital or analogue


  1. It helps to give out information
  2. It helps to receive information


  1. What are the advantages of office cabinet?
    1. What is a telephone?
  • COMPUTER: this is an electronic machine or device which accepts data in the form of input, processes it, and gives out information in the form of output. Kinds of computer are-:
  • personal or micro computer
  • mini computer
  • mainframe


  1. it is faster
    1. it gives accurate information
    1. Information is easily accessed through the use of computer
  • CALCULATOR: this is also called adding machine. This is an electronic, machine which performs arithmetic work of division, multiplication , and subtraction, etc.


  1. it performs arithmetic work at faster rate
  2. it gives accurate information based on input
  • FAX MACHINE: This type of machine is used by large organization, and it is used to send and receive short information for the organization


  1. what is office equipment?
  2. it is faster than computer

other equipment are telex, telegram photocopy machine, etc.


  1. what is office equipment?
  2. state seven office equipment you know


Business Studies for Junior Secondary School Book Revised Edition Book two page 3-7


  1. The place where cash and valuable document are kept is called——a. office file

b. office shelve c. office cabinet

  • A machine which accepts data, processes it and gives information is called

a. photocopy   b. calculator    c. computer

  • A machine which prints letter on paper by means of keys isa. typewriter  b. computer  c. fax machine
  • A machine used for sending and receiving short information is called   a. fax machine     b. text machine     c. photocopy machine
  • These are the office equipment except   a. telephone     b. typewriter   c. file


  1. Define the following   a. computer   b. typewriter
  2. Mention five office equipment you know


  1. Define office equipment
  2. List seven office equipment that you know
  3. Give one functions of each of the office equipment you listed above.
  4. State the advantages of using the typewriter.
  5. Give the reason for the use of office equipment in the office.

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