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Comprehension : Business

The passage centres on the establishment of PZ Cussons and its gradual growth in the nineteenth century. It was formerly known as PZ until 1975 when it acquired Cussons. Thus, in 2002, it was renamed PZ Cussons in order to underline its core product range.

Today, PZ Cussions is a leading public company with interests worldwide.


Questions, Page 87

Topic: Vocabulary Development: Business

The passage consist two passages on business. Some of the words used in them include trade, entrepreneurs, enterprises, factories, industries, apprentices, labourers, warehouse, stock, manager, export, retail, merchant, e.t.c


Vocabulary, Page 88.

Topic: Nominalization.

Nouns formed from adjectives

Adjectives                                                                   Nouns

able                                                                              Ability

holy                                                                             Holiness

lazy                                                                              laziness

clean                                                                            cleanliness

bitter                                                                            bitterness

dark                                                                             darkness

warm                                                                           warmth

wise                                                                             wisdom

young                                                                          youth

strong                                                                          strength

poor                                                                             poverty

ill                                                                                 illness

heavy                                                                           heaviness

equal                                                                            equality

Nouns formed from verbs.

Verbs                                                                           Nouns

repeat                                                                          repetition

mix                                                                              mixture

injure                                                                           injury

enjoy                                                                           enjoyment

bond                                                                            bondage

choose                                                                         choice

accuse                                                                          accusation

enter                                                                            entrance

differ                                                                           difference

hate                                                                             hatred

govern                                                                         government

endure                                                                         endurance

satisfy                                                                          satisfaction

think                                                                            thought


Write the nouns of the following words:

(i) lose (ii) obey (iii) lend (iv) omit (v) give (vi) long (vii) true (viii) deep (ix) hard (x) fertile

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