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Comprehension: Helping Addicts

The passage is adapted from the Evening Standard. It centres on a psychotherapist named Malcolm Scott and his attempt to help drug addicts. He puts them up in the lonely house where he lives. He and his patients get to know each other pretty well during this time: there are few distractions in the lonely house and the nearest bar is ten kilometers away.


Questions, Page 99.

Topic: Vocabulary: Addiction.

Some words related to addiction are medicines, injections, trafficker, addict, cocaine, heroin, drug, crave, illegal, etc.


Addiction, Page 100.

Topic: Speech Work: Stress in words of seven syllables and in compound words.

Stress is an important feature of speech. It is to give extra force to a word  or syllable when saying it.

Words of seven syllables.







In – a- ccess-i-BIL-i-ty

Compound Words








Identify the syllable with the stress in the following words.

i. incontestability

ii. Individualism

iii. Individualistic

iv. Intellectualism

v. irrefutability

vi. passer-by

vii. in-laws

viii. top-class

ix. vice-president

x. wide-eyed


  1. Tell a story that ends with the words….. and l have had to live with this stigma for the rest of my life.
  2. There has been an outbreak of epidemic in your area, write an article for publication in a health magazine stating the causes and effects, and suggesting what should be done in order to check it
  3. Recently there was a rainstorm which caused a lot of damage in your locality. Write an article for publication in your school magazine, describing the rainstorm, the damage caused and its effect on the people.
  4. You had a quarrel with a very good friend of yours sometimes ago and since then both of you have not been on speaking terms. Write a letter to him or her expressing your regret at the break of the relationship and your desire for reconciliation.
  5.   Write a letter to the commissioner for education in your state deploring the low level of food production in the state and suggesting measures in which the government should take to ensure that there is sufficient food for all.

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