Computer Studies

Computer proffessionals

Definition of Computer Professionals

Computer personnel embrace those personnel who involve in assemble, install, maintain, repair and operate the computer system. The term equally includes the programmer. The computer personnel know the rules and regulations guiding the computer usage.

Administrative Structure of Computer Professionals

The administrative structure varies from one organization to another depending on the management of the organisation. However, the structure is somehow similar.

Computer Manager

He heads the computer department; he oversees the entire day to day running of the computer department.

System Analyst

A system analyst carries out feasibility study on a system. He is the person who thinks of likely problems that may arise from the system and application software and he proffers solution.

System Engineer

He is in control of all installation of hardware and software of the computer system. He is in charge of servicing, repairs and general maintenance of the system.


A programmer is the person who writes computer programmes according to the specification written by the system Analyst.

Computer Educator

A computer educator trains up user to have knowledge of computer hardware and software.

Computer Operator

This is the person who operates the computer.


Who is a computer operator?

List all the computer professionals you know.

Qualities of Good Computer Professionals

A good computer professional must possess the following qualities:

Excellent Analytical Skills: Computer professionals must have excellent analytical skills that can be applied to solve problems or develop new ideas.

Attention to detail: Computer personnel must pay attention to detail to ensure everything works correctly and efficiently because any slighted mistake can affect how a web page looks or how a program will run.

Commitment to learning: Technology is constantly changing it is dynamic and those who keep abreast the latest trend in information technology are the ones who will be the most successful.

Good communication skills: Communication skills are important to those working in information technology because understanding a client’s needs and apply a solution depend heavily on a steady stream of open communication.

An interest for maths: Strong likeness for maths is essential because knowledge of maths is used in many computers application e.g. programming.

The ability to learn and memorise programming language: Computer professionals must know many programming language and how to use a wide variety of computer software programs.

The ability to handle multitasking: A good professional must possess the ability to perform many tasks at once and must be able to manage all his responsibilities simultaneously. Time management is highly essential.

Solve problem, solving/trouble shooting capabilities: Computer professionals should be able to solve problems with network, software and other programs. They are expected to solve those problems very quickly and possess sharp trouble shooting and skills.

Technical writing skills: A good computer professional must possess a technical writing skill.


List five (5) qualities of a good computer professional

Draw the administrative structure of computer professionals

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