Computer games

Computer game is also called PC game. It is a video game played on a personal computer, rather than on a video game console. Computer games are software programs used for relaxation and to learn some skills.

A video game is an electronic or computerized game played by manipulating images on a video display television screen.

Computer games – video games

Examples of Computer Games

  1. Spider Solitaire

Computer games – Types of computer games – Spider solitaire

  1. Pacman

Computer games – Types of computer games – Pacman

  1. Space Commander

Computer games – Types of computer games – Space Commander

  1. Chess

Computer games – Types of computer games – Chess

  1. Pinball
  1. Digger
  1. Heart

Some computer games are supplied by Microsoft windows while some are downloaded from internet.

Input Devices for Playing Computer Games

Computer games can be played using the following input devices:

(i) Keyboard (through the arrow keys)

(ii) Joystick

(iii) Mouse

(iv) Game pad

Computer games – Input devices for playing computer games

Computer games – Input devices for playing computer games

Reasons for Playing Computer Games

For the purpose of entertainment

For educational purpose

For teaching purpose

To develops some skills

Types of Computer Games

There are many types of computer games. These have been classified into three categories:

Recreational games

Skill enhancement

Entertainment games

Recreational Games

These are games played at leisure time for relaxation after working for long period of time e.g. Free cell, Casino, heart

Skill Enhancement Games

They are games designed for skill enhancement and recycling, quizzing, puzzles, Mathematics games

Entertainment Games

These are types of games played to entertain friends and visitors e.g Musical games, Mimicking and guessing

Advantages of Computer Games

It helps to stimulate (encourage) children and adult interest in learning these of computers.

Computer games helps to develop habit of concentration e. Test Drive Game

It can be used to manage or reduce stress condition

Computer games are used for teaching and learning of different subjects, e.g Music, mathematics, English, Speed and accuracy

Computer games enhanced the physical well-being of the player

Computer games are useful for recreation, skill acquisition and entertainment.

Disadvantages of Computer Games

It wastes valuable time.

It jeopardizes the opportunity for doing other good things.


What is computer game.

Name three input devices used to play computer games.

Mention two reasons for playing game.

State four disadvantages of playing computer game.

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