Control of Harmful Micro-organisms

Better health can be achieved basically by controlling disease-causing micro-organisms and their animal vectors and also by improving health facilities.

Micro-organisms can be controlled in the following ways:

  1. Use of High Temperature:This involves sterilization by boiling, autoclaving or heating of food and other products to kill disease causing organisms.
  2. Preserving Food by Salting:This is the application of salt in food to kill micro- organisms or render them inactive
  3. Uses of Drugs/Antibiotics:Many diseases can be controlled through the use of drugs and antibiotics in order to kill the causative micro- organisms. Fansid is used to kill malaria.
  4. Immunization or Rascination:Immunization is the process by which a healthy person is inoculated with a preparation of a mild form of the pathogen.
  5. Sterilization by Boiling:Sterilization by boiling is done to kill disease-causing micro-organisms (pathogens) on the objects.
  6. Use of Antiseptics:These are chemicals that can kill or inhabit the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms. They are used on cuts, abrasions and wounds on the skin to prevent infection by micro-organisms. Examples of antiseptics are; hydrogen peroxide, Dettol, chlorine water etc.
  7. Proper Covering of Food Always:Food should be covered always to prevent contact with vectors of diseases.
  8. Quarantine Service:Quarantine service or isolation of infected person or animal for evidence of a disease before he/she or it mixes with general population.
  9. Promoting Health Education:This is making people aware and conscious of ways micro-organisms are transmitted and how to prevent them.
  10. Personal Hygiene:This includes washing of hand before eating and after eating, after defecating, before preparation of food etc. these practices can help check the spread of pathogenic micro-organisms.
  11. Use of Disinfectants:Disinfectants like izal, Lysol etc. may lead to prevent infections.
  12. Destruction of Vectors:Vectors such as mosquitoes, black flies etc. can be destroyed to prevent the spread of diseases they cause.
  13. Use of ultra-violet radiation to kill bacteria.

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