Social Studies


Meaning of Cultism

Cultism can be defined as any form of organization whose activities are not known to the general member of the public and and are carried out at odd hours of the day.

Cultism is a kind of evil behavior that goes on in our educational institutions. Cultist which are the members of cultism uses charms and arms to assert their influence on university campuses and some secondary schools.

Individuals who belong to this group see themselves as being above the law and believe they can get anything they want such as good grades, money, position, girls, favor etc. There activities lead to the oppression of of the other students in school.

Cultism in Nigerian Universities has been traced to the Pirates Confraternity  (sea-dogs) founded at the University of Ibadan by Professor Wole Soyinka and his friends in 1952

Causes of Cultism

Cultism are caused by the following reasons:

For desire for respect and recognition that are given to known members of campus cults.

Faulty upbringing by parents and guardian

poor social life and poor academic standards

The need for security because of the individual’s inability to act,think and survive independently

Drug abuse and drug addiction

The ability of youths to illegally acquire arms

A desperate urge to boost one’s ego.

Social injustice resulting from bad leadership

The urge for protection against sanctions from lecturers, university authorities and Government.

Consequences of Cultism

Cultism results into the following

Killing and maiming of non members, bribery,prostitution, criminal activities such as rape, destruction of properties etc.

Breakdown of social values, moral decadence and uncertainty in the academic environment

Examination Malpractices

The use and abuse of hard drugs

Influence of peer groups

Solutions to cultism

Parents should monitor their children even while there are in school

There should be bold and clear bill boards warning against cultism

Government should provide adequate fund for schools with a view to providing infrastructural facilities, provision of sport activities, recreational centers etc to engage students

University authorities should be empowered to take swift disciplinary actions against cult members.

Test and Exercise

The form of organization whose activities are kept from the public with a negative motive is (a) cultism (b) social group (c) students union (d) leader’s group

One of the solutions to cultism is (a) joining of bad association (b) pride (c) good monitoring of students by parents (d)encouraging students failure

Reasons why individual join cultism is all except (a) drug abuse and addiction (b) desire for success (c) desire for power (d) the quest to acquire arms illegally

The members of cultism are called (a) cultist (b) solicitor (c) lecturers (d) supervisor

Cultism was founded in the year (a) 1960 (b) 1990 (c) 1950 (d) 1952

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