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Decision Making

Meaning and Steps in Decision Making

In life, everybody make choices, the choice you make from many alternatives you have is the decision you have taken.

Sometimes, decisions are simple and at other times complicated or complex. It should be noted however, that decision you make can make your life good or make your life bad.

Decision making can simply be defined as the process of choosing among alternatives. It can only take place when there are two more things to choose from.

You may need to make a decision on your next line of action or between these two alternatives opting out of school to join a football club or stay in school to obtain a certificate that will help you make progress in life.

The decision you make from these choices will go a long way to determine what your life will become. choose wisely.

Step In Decision Making

You must follow these steps if you want to make the best decisions in life.

1. Identify the decision to be made – to identify the decision to be made is to define the situation you are or the problem that requires a decision. For instance, your problem could be to get a new dress. You need to make decision on (1) why you need the new dress (for occasion, church, casual wear, night) (ii) the type of dress you need (ready made dress or material to be sown by your seamstress) (iii) the colour (iv) where to get it (v) the amount of money you have and (vi) other things you need.

2. Make a list of the alternatives: alternatives are different ways of doing a thing. Your alternatives in this situation could be, to buy from (i) second hand shop (ii) the market place (iii) a boutique. You will have to list the alternatives you have on the colour, texture or type f dress you will choose.

3. Choose the best alternative: To choose the best alternative, you have to think about your needs, values and available money. Make a choice that best suits your needs.

4. Act on your decision: make sure you work with your plans. Go for what you have decided on.

5. Evaluate your decision: Has your decision worked for you? Is the outcome of your decision what you expected or hope for? Has it make you better? These are what you have to judge. You may need to make a new decision if the one you made does not make you better.


  1. Explain the term “decision”
  2. What is ‘decision’ making?
  3. List the steps in decision making

Sub-Topic 2: Simple personal decisions

Making the right decision helps to prevent mistakes in life. Some decisions have greater effect on

your life than others do. Therefore some require, more time, though and energy to make.

Simple personal decisions are:

  1. Food related decision: The foods to eat, when to eat, how to eat, should I eat snacks, sweets, how many times to eat in a day, etc.
  2. Clothing related decisions: What dress to buy or wear, what hair do to wear etc.
  3. Housing related decision: these could include choosing whether to stay with your parent or stay with relative. It could also be on household articles to buy in case of adults.
  4. Choosing friends: choosing the company to keep is a very important decision to make. Your friends will go to a large extent to determine the kind of person you will be. You need to choose between making bad or good friends. Don’t join the bad club, choose your friends wisely.
  5. Educational decision: these would include the schools to attend, career to pursue, books to read etc.

Factors that influence decision making

The decisions we make are influenced by factors such as:

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Resources
  4. Values
  5. needs and wants


  1. List 5 factors that influences our decision making
  2. What are the steps in decision making?


Workbook on Home Economics New Concept for Nigeria Jnr. Sec. Schools Bk.1 (ps.36).

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