Basic Science Notes

Description of Eclipse, climate and seasons

Content: 1. Eclipse

                  2 Climate and the Seasons.

Sub-Topic 1: Eclipse

Sun is a large luminous body from which light shines on to the earth and the moon. Because of the movement of the earth and the moon, it is possible for one to shield (Eclipse) the other from the sun.

There are three types of eclipse:

1.  An eclipse of the moon:   this is formed when the earth comes between the sun and the moon; the moon is in the shadow of the earth.

2.   An eclipse of the sun:   This is formed when the moon passes between the earth and the sun, the shadow of the moon falls on parts of the earth.

3.   Annular eclipse:   A times when the moon is so far away from the earth that no region of total shadow falls on the earth. The moon is then observed against the circular sun.

What Causes Lunar and Solar Eclipses? | Britannica


  1. What is eclipse of the moon?
    1. Explain the eclipse of the sun

Sub Topic 2: Climate and season.

Climate: This is the average condition of the weather of a place over a long period of time. Elements of climate are:

  1. Rainfall
  2. Temperature
  3. Wind
  4. Ice

The Seasons:

The revolving of the earth about the sun causes the season. The time it takes to go once round the sun is a year (365 ¼ days)

Types of Seasons:

Autum, winter, spring and summer.  These four seasons are not well pronounced in the tropics. However, we have the rainy and dry seasons as it is in Nigeria.


  1. Mention the season you experience in your country
    1. Define climate and list the elements of climate.
    1. Explain what is meant by eclipse

Reading assignment:

Read basic science made easy pages 68-69 and Stan pages 123-129.

Weekend assignment:  

     1.    Explain the season of the year in your country.

     2.    Write the names of the nine planets in order of their average distance

            From the sun.  

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