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Drug and drug abuse

The term drugs has not been precisely defined due to the different meaning in drug control laws, government regulations, medical and informal (colloquial) usage.
Pharmacist defined it as a chemical substances used in the treatment, cure, prevention and diagnose diseases or used otherwise to enhance physical or mental well-being.
Drugs can be used for different purposes, some of which include:
a. It is used to treat illness
b. To relieve or mitigate discomfort, pains or symptoms
c. To modify chemical processes in the body for specific purposes
d. As component of medication
e. To reduce excessive weight
f. As a steroids to improve the body strength. This is common among sports men and women.

Drug abuse also known as substance abuse is the abnormal or wrong usage of over-the-counter drugs against medical prescription or advice. Specifically, it is a harmful use of any substance drug for mood altering purposes.
It is the use of illegal drugs or indiscriminate use of prescription (over the counter drugs) for purposes other than those for which they are indicated or in a manner in quantities other than directed.
The indiscriminate use of drug can have negative health effect on the psychological and physiological state of the victim which may range from poor visibility, drastic loss of weight to hallucination and the increase impetus for criminality like suicide, murder, rape, stealing etc.

1. Stimulants: These are substances stimulates their users and are usually obtained from cocoa leaves. Such effects include: hallucination, confusion, high blood pressure and dizziness.
2. Anabolic steroids: These are performances enhancing drug used especially by sport men and sport women.
3. Alcohol: The effects of these substance hang over dizziness, absenteeism in work places etc. They found in alcohol beverages like whisky wine.
4. Hallucinogens: These are substances that makes one mis-judge they include; calm phetamines, heroine, cocaine and marijuana.

The following are some reasons why people abuse drugs:
1. Availability: People abuse some drugs because they are easy to come by or reach.
2. Peer pressure: “Evil communication, corrupt good manners”. This adage can be very apt when it’s comes to peer pressure. The kind of friends you keep has strong influence on you therefore avoid bad groups
3. To increase the strength of the body in other to improve one’s performance.
4. To make individuals feel high – some individual take drugs further to improve or boost their impetulse or to accomplish specific task.
5. To overcome anxiety, tears and sorrow.
6. To enhance boldness

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