Civic Education

Effects of drug abuse


  1. It leads to juvenile delinquencies
  2. It dent the nations image and consequently mars relationship with other nations
  • It deplits human resources and manpower of the population
  1. It jeopardize the health and welfare of the nation
  2. When majority of the youth is given to drug addiction, it may lead to a very uncertain future of the society
  3. It leads to slow self-esteem, bad odours from the body, red eyes and dirty set of teeth
  • It leads to accidents, permanent or temporary memory loss or even untimely death.
  • It may lead to health problems like insomnia, hardening of the liver, heart attack, reduction of life span
  1. It may lead to indecent recruitment like political thuggery, street urchins, hired assasins, kidnapping, human trafficking, insurgency etc.


  1. Change in attitude: in the forms of academic performance, at times increase in phone calls, night crawling, change in set of friends and becoming more secretive
  2. Dirty teeth, red eyes, protruded eyes and bad body odours which may lead to the use of perfumes, peppermints etc.
  3. Reduce concentration, memory loss, poor co-ordination, looking unkept
  4. At times metal problems could be the results as the case may be damaged as a result of overuse of hard drugs
  5. Continuous possession of drugs and accessories


  1. There is total negligence or assigned responsibilities at the place of work. This may lead to absenteeism
  2. Due to the effect of drugs in their psychological and emotional state, they engage in criminal activities contrary to the established laws of the society
  3. They resort to self – solitary conferment. A social problem of the pressure and frustration where drug addicts deliberately to avoid other people.
  4. Ianure: In home front responsibilities as they are committed to the drugs, that they are addicted to rather than their family.
  5. They posses a special box kept closed to their bed which usually contains drugs that they swift or injected into their body as well as syringes
  6. They choose to be violent and rebellious when they feel insecured as a result of their peers, friends and family members, being meticulous about their strange erratic behaviours.

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