Energy and Social Environment

The availability of electricity and petrol is very essential to every society. In fact, all lives on earth depend on the availability of energy. This is because all our electrical gadgets at home and in offices, big machines and engines in the factories and manufacturing industries, our day to day activities, all depend on the availability of energy.

In advanced countries like the USA, Japan, Canada, Russia, etc, the availability of electricity is everywhere. This has enhanced the economy of the countries and thus having a better Gross Domestic Products (GDP). The reverse is the case in the under-developing world like Nigeria, Liberia, Togo, etc where the availability of electricity is nothing to write home about. This has therefore jeopardized the economy, thus, giving rise to low GDP.

Energy is indeed needed in every society for the production of food, efficient transport system, good health programmes, good educational system, etc.

The need for energy availability in every society can never be over emphasized. In short, energy is a major factor to societal development.

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