Expository essay

Expository essay aims at explaining a thing or the truth about a topic. quite a number of topics fall under the category of expository essay.

Students may be asked to write on how a machine or equipment works or how to prepare a may also be how a certain location in your town or city can be found. The subject of expository essay also includes feature articles in newspapers or magazines which may demand that you go beyond stating facts or describing a thing to include making judgments on the thing.Forinstance, you may be asked to discuss the deterioration and lack of maintenance of the sanitary facilities in your area, and suggest way 0f improving them. This type of expository essay demands that you state some facts and then make your opinions and judgment known on the matter.

Useful Hints on How to Write a Good Expository Essay

  • Content:

Discuss at length the topic you are asked to discuss. In most cases, you are expected to unfold the bad and good consequences of the topic. For example, to satisfy your examineron a question that asks you to discuss the deterioration and lack of maintenance of the sanitary facilities in your area, and suggest ways of improving them,you are expected to discuss at length the poor sanitary conditions in your area, give instances of such poor sanitary conditions and go further to proffer solutions to the problem. You willearn a good mark under content if you do all these.

  • Organization:
  • There should be an introduction and conclusion .the introduction must briefly explain the main idea of the essay and it must be followed by the body of the essay. Your points or ideas must be fully developed in the body of the essay. The conclusion which must come after the body of the essay should briefly sum up the main idea and make a conclusive statement on the topic.
  • You are expected to arrange your points or ideas in a logical sequence.
  • Your sentences should be a variety of long and short sentences.
  • Make use of phrases or word linkers to link your paragraphs with one another.
  • Expression:
  • For expository prose, clarity of expression is important. You must make sure that you state your facts, instances and points clearly.
  • Your vocabulary should be carefully for effectiveness, especially when you are writing on a topic that has a formal register.
  • Your language should be formal; you should avoid slangs, clich├ęs , unidiomatic expressions and meaningless phrase.


Write an essay on how to improve family function through love, co-operation, communication, etc.

STRUCTURE : Identification of type of sentences.


Identify the following sentences.

  • I gave Bukola a book.
  • When I received my salary, I went to Lagos where the Zoo was situated.
  • The night is dark and I am far from home.
  • She is a teacher and a writer.
  • My sister sent me a greeting.

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