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Family health: Drug abuse


  • Meaning of drugs
    • Uses and side effects of drugs


Drugs are substances, other them food, that can affect the structure or function in a living organism.


Drug addiction is when a person uses a particular drug from time to time and become unable to do without it.


It is a patterned use of drug in which the user consumes the drug in amounts or with methods neither approved nor supervised by medical professionals.

Drug abuse / misuse means

– The use of a drug for a purpose which is not suited

– The use of a drug for an appropriate purpose but in an improper dosage

Drug abuse also means the excessive use of a drug without regard to accepted medical practice.

Addiction and habituation are used by legislative and legal authorities, while medical doctors use the word dependence.


  • Problems at home.
  • Creating legal problem.
  • Teenage death.
  • Poor school work.
  • Loss of good friends.
  • Bad habit.
  • Suicide.
  • Violence.
  • Early pregnancy.
  • Sexually transmitted infections.


  1. Define drug addiction.
  2. State five side effect of drugs.


The sources of drugs are:

1.         Marijuana         

            The Indian hemp is a plant grown as a fibre and of seed rich in oil.

            The leaves and flowers are prepared and taken in various forms, this they may be eaten, drink, inhaled or smoked. Marijuana is not as addictive as other strongly addictive drugs such as heroin.

2.         OPIUM

This is obtained from the poppy plant. Its seeds are used to prepare some food and as a source of oil.

The dried latex that usually come out from opium seeds is kneaded into balls of crude opium which drug traffickers market.

3.         MORPHINE

            It is obtained from opium by chemical process.

4.         Heroin

It is a derivative of morphine. It is used medically and it is the most dangerous of the addictive drugs.

5.         COCAINE  

It is obtained from the coca tree. The commercial drug is obtained from the dried leaves by extraction with alcohol.

6.         ALCOHOL

This is chemical that can be found in palm wine, wine, beer, stout and some strong alcoholic like gin, whiskey, rum etc.

Alcohol is classified as drug because:

i.          it affects the sense when it is abused.

ii.          it is a stimulant.

iii.         it induces sleep.

iv.         Prolonged used of alcohol is harmful to the brain, liver and other organs.

7.         CIGARETTES / TOBACCO: All forms of tobacco smoking have been found to be dangerous to health.


1. State five sources of drugs and discuss four.

2. Why is alcohol classified as drug?


  • To combat diseases.
  • To save lives.
  • To relieve suffering.


1. State two uses of drug.

2. Give five side effects of drugs.


1.         Curiosity

2.         Lack of self – confidence

3.         Search for excitement

4.         Reduction of stress and frustration

5.         Trying to fit in a peer group


1.         What is drug abuse?

2.         State four causes of drug abuse.



1.  What is drug abuse?

2.  State four causes of drug abuse.

3.  State five sources of drugs and discuss four

4. State two uses of drug.

5. Give five side effects of drugs.


1.         Causes of drug abuse include the following except

a) Curiosity b) lack of self-confidence c) search for excitement d) cocaine

2.         Marijuana is grown purposely for its

            a) Addictive b) fibre and seed  c) stimulant  d) effects on brain and liver

3.         One of these is a source of drug

            a) drug b) abuse c) curiosity d) opium

4.         The Indian hemp is a plant grown as a —- and of seed rich in oil.

            a) fibre             b) opium          c) seed  d) All of the above

5.         Drug abuse can lead to the following except

            a) Problems at home  b) Suicides  c) Violence  d) Sound health


1.         Give five side effects of drug  

2.         Give five sources of drugs with brief explanation

3.         State four causes of drug abuse

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