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Meaning of Family

What is family? The family is a basic unit of the society that is responsible for supporting, caring for and preparing children for adulthood. It is a group of people that are related to one another by blood, marriage or law. The family is usually the first environment of every child, the personality development of the child is highly influenced by the family. The family is the primary environment in which the child grows.

Types of Family

There are two types of family:

(i) Nuclear family

(ii) Extended family

Other types of modern day family

(iii) Foster family

(iv) Adopted family

The nuclear family

A nuclear family is made up of the husband, wife and their children.

The extended family

This consists of the husband, wife or wives, their children, grandparent’s aunts, uncle and cousins. If it is a polygamous family, it will include co-wives and their children. This type of family provides care and social support for dependent relatives and interdependency among all members of the family unit.

The foster family

This is made up of adults acting as parents to children who may or may not be related to them, compensations are awarded to the parents

Adopted family

Children whose biological parents are unable to cater for are given out to another family by legal action. In adopted family, children are given rights of a child born into the family. The parents receive no compensations but are expected to exercise all the duties of natural parents.

Roles and Responsibilities of Each Member of the Family

Every member has a role to play within the family. The parent is to provide love, food, clothes, shelter and guidance. The role of the child is to be obedient assist with household chores and childcare, perform well in school and prepare for a meaningful adult life.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Family

The general roles of the family include the following:

  1. It is the responsibility of the family to raise children
  2. To care for the child from childhood till he is old enough to care for himself
  3. It is responsible for the education of the child
  4. It is responsible for the transmission of societal norms and culture to the child
  5. It is the responsibility of the family to provide emotional, psychological, moral and material support to the child
  6. It is responsible for the provision of physical security such as food, clothing shelter and other needs.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Father

The roles of the father in the family include the following:

  1. Provision of food, shelter, and money for the family
  2. Making important decisions

Roles and Responsibilities of the Mother

The roles of the mother in the family include the following:

  1. Preparation of food
  2. Keeping the house in order
  3. Nurturing and raising children
  4. Teaching the children morals and values

Note: Many of the above should be in conjunction with the father.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Children

The roles of the children in the family include the following:

  1. Obeying their parents.
  2. Assisting in performing household chores such as laundry, washing the car, cooking and gardening
  3. performing well in school
  4. Living up to family expectations.


  1. What is family?
  2. List and explain the two types of family.
  3. State five roles and responsibilities of the family.
  4. State two roles and responsibilities of each of the following family members: (i) Father (ii) Mother (iii) Children

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