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Formatting graphs

Changing Chart Type

Adding and Editing Charts

Formatting a Chart

Changing Chart Type

After creating a chart, you can change it to the type you want. The type you choose depends on how you want to present your data.

Select the chart

Within the chart, click the right mouse button OR

Click on insert on menu bar

Click on change Chart type

Under Chart Type, list click to select the desired chart type (e.g, Column, Bar, Line, etc). Under Chart sub-type list, click to select the chart sub-typed desired. You can view the chart sample by pressing it and hold to view sample button.

Click on OK when satisfied.

Formatting graphs – Changing chart type

Changing from histogram to pie chart using the same data

Formatting graphs – Changing chart type – Changing from histogram to pie chart using the same data

Adding and Editing Charts

Once you have created a chart, you can add more chart data series or copy additional chart data series from a worksheet or another chart. Microsoft Excel offers a variety of ways to edit your chart data

You can change a chart data series by:

Adding a chart data series to a chart

Adding or removing more data point to the existing chart data series.

Plotting the data by rows or by columns.

To add or edit a chart data series with chart wizard tool

Select the chart you want to edit

Click the chart wizard tool

Follow the instruction on the screen

The chart is automatically updated to reflect the new data.

Formatting graphs – Adding and editing charts

Adding more data to the present data gives us

Formatting graphs – Adding and editing charts

Formatting a Chart

You can change the font of chart text, change the horizontal and vertical alignment and rotate text to a vertical orientation. You can also change the pattern and the colour of the text area. The text is displayed in the front of the area pattern so that it is always visible. Microsoft Excel automatically formats the charts title and axes title as bold.

To format chart text with the standard tool bar

To format all the text in a chart, select the chart by choosing select chart from the chart menu. To format a single piece of attached or unattached text, click the text to select it. To format tick-mark labels for an axis, click the axis to select it.

To format text that appears in a legend, click the legend; click the legend to select it.

Click one of the formatting or alignment tools to format the text

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