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Global international cooperation

A situation where various countries come together within their continent to solve common problems.

In this 21th century, the world is becoming closer and closer. It almost seems like a small community. International cooperation plays an vital role in tackling global issues. Global cooperation is obviously defined as the act of all countries working together to accomplish global issues and missions. The missions and issues of the global cooperation are environment, poverty, war, diseases, extinct animal so on and so forth. To solve these issues, it requires a huge amount of supports and efforts from other countries due to the fact that almost all countries are confronting the same issues. People not only fight with natural disaster but also fight with poverty. As a result, global cooperation is really fundamental. I will give you three incidents why global cooperation is extremely significant.

Firstly, global cooperation is important because it offers more job opportunities to the people in the developing countries. Clearly, some Asian countries have abundant human resources ;consequently, global cooperation is able to provide many jobs to the people in the developing countries by cooperating with developed countries all over the world. As a result, low-income families are employed and are capable of supporting their children to go to school. When children could go to school and absorb the knowledge, they have adequate capacities to enhance their countries better once they grow up.

Secondly, the importance of international cooperation is to fight the diseases. There are a barrage of illnesses occurring have killed a great deal of people. For instance, there was a disease called Ebola, which took place in Africa. A lot of scientists coming from both developed and developing countries collaborate to do the experiment and find the solution towards this disease. After a long hard work, they were able to cure this illness. The cooperation saved a lot of people lives. Without global cooperation, it would have been impossible to discover a cure.

Last but not least, global cooperation is vital because it can improve the lifestyles of farmers in the provinces by creating fair trade system. Fair trade is also known as international trade which it can affect to the world economy. Because there are many farmers who don’t get the amount of money as they deserve, fair trade system is fundamental to help farmers to get extra money. For example, a coffee farmer who produces the coffee beans receives less than 40% of the actual price while the coyote gets a huge amount of money by selling the goods to the exporters. Hence, fair trade organizations plays a leading role to fight against economic crisis and transforms the lives of farmers. The fair trade system is to make sure that farmers will get adequate money to support their family so that they are capable of having decent food to eat, sending their children to school and going to superb hospital when they are sick.

In conclusion, global cooperation is very crucial since it will save people lives, provide more jobs and help the world economy. It is true that when you are alone, you are weak. When you collaborate with others, your team is strong and is able to cope with all kind of problems on earth. As a saying goes “Untied we are strong, divided we fall.” Global cooperation allows people to collaborate and achieve the same goals.

Strategies for achieving global/international cooperation 

  1. International conferences
  2. United Nations Resolutions
  3. International trade
  4. Bilateral and Multilateral agreements

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