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Housing the family

Types of houses.

Every family lives in a house. There are different types of houses. Each type is known by the kind of material used in building it. Certain factors must be considered before choosing the type of house we want.

Types of houses in Nigeria

We have different types of houses in Nigeria. These include: Mud houses – usually built with red mud and roofed with thatched or corrugated iron sheets. These types are mostly seen in rural areas

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Mud house

2. Wooden houses – They are built with bamboo sticks or wood and have thatched or corrugated roofs. They are Mostly found in rural and fishing community i.e. riverine area.

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Wooden house

3. Modern houses – These are built with cement blocks, bricks or stones. Their roofs could either be corrugated iron sheet, (zinc), or asbestos roofing.

Modern houses can be storey buildings, bungalow or modern skyscraper. They are found in towns and big cities.

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List and the types of houses we have in Nigeria.

Sub-Topic 2:  Location and choice of a family house (factors that influence the choices)

Some factors are responsible for the location and choices of family house. These are:

  1. Economic factors – The type of house a family builds or chooses depends on the financial strength of the family. The high income earning family can build big houses while low income earners can only afford smaller ones.
  2. Site/Location of the house. The family should choose to build or rent a house that is near or easily accessible to:
  3. Children’s school
  4. Market or shopping centre
  5. Place of work
  6.  The location must also be safe in terms of health and security
  7. Size of the family – A large family will require a larger house than a smaller family
  8. Family life cycle: the number of people in the family will determine their choice of a house. This include,
    1. The beginning family: this is a stage when a young couple needs a small apartment.
    1. The expanding family: this is a stage when the family increases in size, they will need a bigger apartment.
    1.   The contracting family; this is a stage when only the couple are left alone, so they need a small apartment.
  9. Special needs of family members. A persons with attrite or leg problem may need to live in a bungalow and not in storey buildings.
  10. Design of the house: The layout or plan of the house must suit the family
  11. Ventilation and lighting – A good house for any category of family should be well lighted and ventilated.
  12. Lifestyle of the family – This consideration is based on the interest and activities of the family


List and explain 5 factors responsible for the choice of family houses.


  Workbook on Home Economics New Concept for Nigeria Jnr. Sec. Schools Bk.1 (ps.34).


Collect pictures of different types of houses and make an album

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