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Domestic violence and the consequences and solutions to domestic violence

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Violence is behaviour carried out to hurt other people physically. Violent actions may result in damage to property or in injury to people. It can even lead to death.

Domestic violence

This is the type of violence that occurs in the home. It can be between husband and wife, among siblings, from parents to children, or other persons living in the home.

Causes of domestic violence

  1. Misunderstanding between family members.
  2. Impatience.
  3. Bad temper-arguments, angry ways of speaking or reacting.
  4. Lack of love
  5. Poor family values and upbringing.
  6. Poverty.
  7. Lack of faith in God.
  8. Ignorance
  9. Jealousy.
  10. Poor self image- people who think lowing of themselves tend to have inferiority complex and therefore behave unreasonably.

Forms of domestic violence

Domestic violence comes in various forms. The common forms are:

  1. Verbal confrontation.
  2. Physical fighting.
  3. Wife battering
  4. Land dispute
  5. Child revolting against parents.

Consequences and solutions to domestic violence

Consequences include:

  1. Stress
  2. Mental illness(instability)
  3. Separation and divorce
  4. Death


  1. Preaching and practicing of love among family members.
  2. Parents must discuss with a marriage counselor who will listen attentively to them and give advice without blaming any party.
  3. Dialogue and avoidance of communication gap.
  4. Provision of adequate accommodation for family members.
  5. Parents should settle their differences immediately and live in peace.
  6. Parents should know and respect the rights of their children.


  1. What is violence?
  2. Explain domestic violence
  3. List 6 causes of domestic violence


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