History Notes

Importance of History

Important of history to individuals.

  • It gives clear understanding of who you are : history makes you understand your race,lineage and ancestors, it describes ancient people ,cultures and traditions of past generations,All these make your origin clear to you.
  • It develops our sense of judgement: History teaches individuals. On skills of right and wise judgement.This is possible through the study of people who have made decision or judgement in the past and effects of such decisions.Their good or bad behaviors help us in making wise decisions and judgement.
  • It teaches us how to influence our world: Learning about men and women who have changed events of the world gives us insights into what we can do as individuals to positively influence our world.
  • It provides individual with insight into how to develop our culture: History affords us the opportunity of understanding how culture are formed and developed.This helps individuals to do something to develop their culture.
  • It allows for individual critical thinking ability,: criticizing the past helps us to develop new thinking to better the future.history allows us to think
  • It allows for personal knowledge and discovery for decision making:by personally studying history,you have the opportunity of getting information for yourself,you are no longer relying on other peoples information and idea.based on personal discoveries and information,it becomes difficult for you to be misled and deceived,you can make right decisions.for instances ,your knowledge of history of election in Nigeria will help you in making right decision in voting or participating in politics
  • It motivates and inspires: knowing great men and women that fought for the existence and independence of your country is enough to make you and other citizens decide to do great things for the nation at any cost.

Importance of history to the society

  • It gives us understanding of our society: individuals get to know through study of history various events and great people that made our society or country what it is today.for instance every Nigerian citizen must know the people that fought for the independence of Nigeria as a country.
  • It shows us effects of change in the society: history teaches us causes of change ,effects of conflicts,wars,violence and in tolerance on society.for instance,lack of cooperation among political class in the first republic in Nigeria gave birth to the first military coup,this change in form of government caused lot of political and economic disasters in Nigeria.The military caused set back and greatly delayed growth of democracy in Nigeria as a nation.
  • It provides us a sense of identity: history helps us in tracing our source culturally,history makes us know everything about tribes,ancestors,etc
  • It helps in preserving ancient stories to inspire someone to succeed: learning history exposes us to story of great people that achieved greatness in their generation.history helps us to preserve the story and relate them to younger generation that will become future leaders
  • It provides information on how societies are formed : historical data gives us basic information of how families and tribes in our societies came into existence.
  • It provides understanding needed for people to live in harmony: through history,we study the cultures of different tribes and people.this knowledge helps to relate well with one another in the society.for instance,a Yoruba mans knowledge of Igbo culture makes him understand that they do not prostrate to greet but rather shake hands,this understanding helps an elderly Yoruba man not to feel insulted if a young Igbo man intends to greet him by handshake rather than prostrating as it is done in Yoruba land.

Importance of history to the nation.

  • It produces patriotic and responsible citizen: The knowledge of a country history by its citizen makes them appreciates their nation and those who fought for her existence and growth.this inspires the younger ones to become responsible and work towards taking the nation to a higher economically ,political and so on.
  • It provides road maps for national planning and development: history presents us statistics and experience from the past ,it gives us reasons for past economic problems,political instability and social ills.
  • It produces professionals and experts needed for nation building: The study of history helps in grooming great teachers ,lawyers,political leaders,economics experts,etc,that will transform the nation.
  • It helps in preserving great memories and events: The stories of struggle of our past nationalist and great leaders are preserved for young ones through study of history,they will in turn tell the stories to next generation,through this,such important stories and events are kept from generations to generation.
  • It produces role models for many youths: History present the stories of past great nationalists,politician,economists, philanthropists and great achievers in the nations,students of history are likely to make some of these people their role model.
  • It helps in making future predictions


State and explain three importance of history to individuals.

Assignment. List four importance of history to the society

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