Civic Education

Inter-community relations


Inter-communal relationship is a relationship that occurs between two or more commodity. The outbreak of communal conflicts and insurgencies makes it necessary to put certain measures in place. To address a social problem,It is natural for individual differences to manifest while we interact one with another and then it will be colossal when mechanisms are not in place to prevent such situations. Peaceful and healthy inter-communal relationship is therefore necessary in sustaining her society.


A positive communal relationship is important in the following ways: –

  1. It will enhance productivity and eventually promote total development of a community.
  2. Promotes co-operation and inter-tribal marriages: – This is shown among different communities giving their children’s hand in marriage.
  3. It enhances government programs and he success of policies when there are no communal conflict: – Government programs and policies can be implemented. The overall effect of this is the improvement in the welfare of the people.
  4. It enhances economic progress good inter communal relationship will create an atmosphere for trade and business in the entire country. Also foreign investor would like to invest in a peaceful region in the country. This in turn will increase the level of economic and industrial activities in the country.
  5. It allows for cross fertilization of culture and ideas: – This can further boost completion


  1. Explain inter-communal relationship.
  2. State three importance of inter – communal relationship.

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