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Inter-personal relation


Man according to Aristotle is oreganos or social being whose survival and unceasing existence rely on this mutual interaction or relationships with other fellow beings like him.

Therefore to be social is to be a member of a bigger more ideal network of the society concerned with the development of mutual understanding and harmonies relationship.

Assembling the foregoing interpersonal relationship can be the interaction between two or more people in the society ina bid to fulfill one or more needs.

Interpersonal relationship can be opened secret or annoying (chatting on the internet)

Essential of inter-personal relations vital in building interpersonal relations are:

  1. Sharing of common goals: – Persons interpersonal relationship should have common goals, objectives and interests
  2. Respect for each other’s view
  3. Healthy inter-dependence
  4. Transparency: – There must be honesty, sincerely and trust among them


George lavender a renowned socio psychologist explained five stages of interpersonal relations which are;

  1. Acquaintance stage: – This starts at the point when two people meet at church, social gathering, stadium, and club house
  2. Build up stage: – Elements of growth, trust and confidence appreciate in each other

iii.        Continuation stage: – There is a deeper level of trust confidence and closeness. The passion and feeling each other enlarges

  1. Decelerations: – The love, trust and passion for each other begins toware
  2. Terminating stage: – Relationship can come to an end clue to the death of partner, devoice and separation


  1. Relationship between man and a woman: – This is usually between unmarried men and woman and Often leads to marriage especially when formalin
  2. Relationship between man and man: – This type of relationship is between to people attracted each equally as the share common interest, religion, sport profession and so on

iii.        Relationship between woman and woman


  1. What is inter – personal relationship ?
  2. Enumerate two stages of inter – personal relationships.

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