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Introduction To Social Studies




Nature of Social Studies

Objectives and Importance of Social Studies


Social Studies is the study of man and his environments. These environments are social and physical; social, because man does not live alone, he needs to interact with his neighbours, family colleagues etc. and it is physicalbecause he makes use of things around him like land, air, rivers, plant, animals etc.

In addition to social and physical environments, is the usefulness of science and technology in solving problems in the two environments.

Therefore, social studies is the study of man’s life, his interactions with his social and physical environment and how sciences and technology help him to solve problems in these environments.


  1. Define social studies.
  2. State how problems could be solved in the social and physical environments.

Scope of Social Studies

The scope of social studies covers how man lives, what he does and how his life is affected by the things around him.

Nature of Social Studies

Social Studies deals with the total experience of man in his environment. It consists of combination of subjects which include Geography, History, Civic, Economics, Religious Studies, Government, Sociology etc. Social Studies as a subject studies how a family is formed, know about socialization process, helps us to about the conflicts in the society, its causes, effects and how they are resolved.

Objectives of Social Studies

Since man lives in a group or society of different cultures, there is the need for social studies so as to achieve specific objectives such as;

  • To understand and appreciate other people’s cultures and to live peacefully with them.
  • To learn how to rely on and exploit the physical environments.
  • To be law abiding citizens and nation builders.
  • To stress the importance of cooperation, understanding and tolerance in a multi culture country like Nigeria.
  • To be dynamic leaders and good followers.
  • To understand changes and how to cope with such changes in our community.
  • To appreciate the need to play our roles at home, school, community and in our country for the benefits and development of ourselves and the country at large.
  • To give us balanced education.

Importance of Social Studies

  1. Social studies enables us to know and make good use of natural resources in our environment.
  2. It helps us to develop a good sense of moral and social responsibilities, e.g. honesty, hard work, dignity, punctuality etc.
  3. It teaches the importance of peaceful co-existence with other people from different cultural area.
  4. Social studies teaches the students to be good citizens of their country by performing their duties.
  5. It lays a solid foundation for the study of other subjects such as Government, Geography, Economics etc. in the senior secondary schools.
  6. It helps in exposing students to different societies and cultures.


  1. State the significance of social studies to man.
  2. List (4) four combined subjects in social studies


  1. Explain the usefulness of science and technology.
  2. List the two environments of man and explain any one.
  3. Give an example of problem being solved in any of the environment.


Fundamentals of Social Studies for Basic Seven by Sola Akinyemi. Pages. 1– 9

Solakat New Syllabus on Social Studies for JSS Basic Seven by A. Oluwasola, Oyewole .Pages 1-4

Simplified Social Studies for Nigerian Secondary Schools & Colleges Book 1 by Yusuf R.A. Pages 1&2


  1. The study of man and his interaction with his social and physical environments is———A. studies C.musicD.basic science
  2. Which of the following is not an example of physical environment? A. Hills B. LakeC. Family D. Oceans
  3. All BUT one of the following are the three areas / dimensions of social studies  A. mountain B. science and technology C.physical environment environment
  4. Social studies is the study of man in his——–A. social environmentB. physical environment C. environments D. technological environment
  5. Man influences his environment through the aid of A. valley and mountains B. technical expertise C. science D. science and technology


1. What is Social Studies?

2. Explain briefly why man’s environments are social and physical.

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