Mathematics JSS Notes

JSS1 1st Term Mathematics scheme of work

                                       FIRST TERM E-LEARNING NOTE

SUBJECT: MATHEMATICS                                                                    CLASS:  JSS1

1Whole Numbers Counting and Writing (i) Millions   (ii) Billions   (iii) Trillions
2Whole Numbers Continued: Problems solving in quantitative aptitude reasoning using large numbers
3Lowest Common Multiple (L.C.M) and Highest Common Factor (H.C.F) of Whole Numbers. (a) Concepts of L.C.M and H.C.F (b) L.C.M and H.C.F of quantitative reasoning
4Fractions: (a) Meaning of Fraction (b) Types of fractions (Proper & Improper) (c) Mixed numbers
5Fractions continued: Equivalent Fractions ( Identify and apply equivalent fractions in showing commodities and problems solving in quantitative aptitude)
6Fractions continued. (a) ordering of fractions (b) conversion of fractions to percentage and vice versa (c) conversion of fraction to decimal and vice versa
7Review of the first half term’s work and periodic test
8Fractions continued: Addition and subtraction of fractions
9Fractions Continued: (a) Multiplication and Division of fractions (b) Prime numbers and factors
10Estimation: (i) Concept of estimation and reasons (ii) Estimation of dimensions and reasons (iii) Estimation of capacity(volumes) and mass of objects (iv) Estimation of other things (v) Quantitative reasoning involving estimation
11Revision of the 1st term’s work and preparation for the first term examination
12First term examination

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