Home Economics Notes

JSS1 2nd Term Home Economics scheme of work


JS 1 (BASIC 7)




  1. Revision of first term year work
  2. Fatigue, Rest and Sleep-(a)  Meaning, Causes and effects of fatigue, (b) prevention of Fatigue, (c) meaning and importance of rest and sleep, (d) guidelines for rest and sleep.
  3. Personal clothing- (a) meaning of clothing and reasons for wearing clothes, (b) guidelines for choosing and wearing decent clothes (c) care of clothes. E.g. airing, proper storage, cleansing of shoes. (d) Washing of under- wears.
  4. Use of cosmetics and deodorants- (a) importance of cosmetics,(b) points to consider in choice and  use of cosmetics and deodorants,(c)  procedures for applying cosmetics and deodorants, (d) indigenous cosmetics.
  5. Healthy feeding habits 🙁 a) meaning and functions of food,(b) good feeding habits and table manners.
  6. The family: (a) meaning, types and functions of the family, (b) roles of each family member and the family as a whole. (c) relationships- the family tree. (d) Family values.
  7. The home: (a) meaning and characteristics of a home. (b) Differences between a home and a house. (c) Domestic violence and the consequences and solutions to domestic violence.
  1. Housing the family-(a) Types of houses. (b) Location and choice of a family house (factors that influence the choices).
  2. Family needs and resources-(a) meaning and types of family needs. (b) Meaning, types and characteristics of family resources.
  3. Decision making: (a) meaning and steps in decision making. (b) Simple personal decisions.

     11.  Revision.

     12.  Examination.

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