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Fatigue, Rest and Sleep

Meaning, Causes and effects of fatigue, prevention of Fatigue

Fatigue is a feeling of extreme tiredness.

Causes of fatigue

Tiredness or fatigue can be caused by

i.          Over working or too much exercise

ii.         Illness

iii.        Hunger or lack of food

iv.        Too much exercise

v.         Performing a boring or tiring task

vi.        Sadness.


i.          It slows down the rate at which work is done

ii.         It makes one unfriendly or irritated

iii.        Results into sluggishness or dullness.

Prevention of Fatigue

  1. Avoid doing too many things at the same time.
  2. Have enough rest.
  3. Eat adequate and regular meals.
  4. Alternate tasks that require much energy with those that require less.
  5. Break big tasks into smaller ones and do them in bits.
  6. Use the best method for every task.
  7. Take the best posture for each task when doing it.
  8. Do not overwork yourself.
  9. Plan your work properly.


  1. What is fatigue?
  2. Mention three effects of fatigue.
  3. What should you do to prevent being fatigued?

Sub Topic 2: Meaning and importance of rest and sleep, guidelines for rest and sleep.

Rest is the act of relaxing either by sitting or lying down after a period of activity in order to refresh the body and mind. During rest, the individual is conscious of all that is happening around him/her.

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 Sleep is a complete or deeper form of rest in which the eyes are closed and the mind and body are not active or conscious. In sleep, one is unconscious of what is going on around him/ her. Everybody needs sleep but as people get older, they need less sleep. New born babies sleep 17-18 hours a day, age’s 1-4 sleep 12 hours, age’s 4-12 sleep10 hours and 12- 16 sleep for about 8-10 hours a day.

Importance of rest and sleep

  1. The body relaxes
  2. Energy is built up for a future use
  3. Broken body tissues can be repaired and made ready for further activities
  4. Muscles relax, the heart beats more slowing and breathing becomes shallow.
  5. Rest is the cure for fatigue.
  6. They aid quick recovery form illness.

Guidelines for rest and sleep

  1. Loosen all tight clothing when you are resting or sleeping
  2. Rest after meals
  3. Rest after strenuous activities or exercise.
  4. Rest after school before playing or doing household work.
  5. When lying down, do not curl up into a ball to sleep. Try to lie long or straight.
  6. Go to bed early so as to wake up fresh and ready for the next day’s work.
  7. Ensure that your bedroom is well-ventilated.


  1. Define: rest, sleep
  2. State two differences between rest and sleep
  3. Enumerate five importance of rest and sleep
  4. State two guidelines each for rest and sleep.


Workbook on Home Economics New Concept for Nigeria Jnr. Sec. Schools Bk.1 (ps.21-22)


Identify your most hectic or busy day in the week. List all the activities you carried out that day. Write out the type of feelings you experience at the end of the day.

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