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learner’s disobedience and it’s consequences

Who is a learner? A learner is a person who is finding out about a subject or how to do something. Learners as students are to obey the rules and regulations of the school authority.        Consequences

If they disobey, they will be punished. For example, breaking the law or rules of the school authority may lead to punishment such as labour or corporal punishment, suspension for a few weeks or outright expulsion from the school according to the gravity of the disobedience.

Anybody that will break moral law and goes into fornication may have unwanted pregnancy, expulsion from school, sexually transmitted diseases and some killer diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Also, becoming a cult member in the school will result to expulsion; examinations malpractice may lead to imprisonment and other ugly consequences such as corporal punishment. Disobedience generally always leads to the break down of relationships.


(i). Who is a learner?

(ii). In what ways can a learner disobey school rules and regulations?

(iii). List some of the consequences of disobeying school rules and regulations.

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