Civic Education

National consciousness, integrity and unity

National consciousness or nationalism is the strong feelings of pride belongingness, attachment and national awareness that an individual has towards his nation. It involves being devoted to one’s nation and advocating for its unity as well as struggle against depression and for equality. Nationalism also includes political participation and self rule (political independence).

National integrity involves being honest and possessing strong moral principles and etiquettes. It helps in breeding a people and nation that will not compromise standards thereby providing works of highest quality and encouraging growth and developments.

Whereas, national unity is the state of different (ethnics) groups joined together to form a single country or when the various ethnics groups in the country are in agreement act together for specific purposes.

Factors that promote National consciousness, integrity and unity.

  1. Hospitality: It is caning for others regardless of their tribe or social background.
  2. Inter – tribal marriage: this is the marriage conducted between persons of different tribes

3.Tolerance: this is needed because it makes us live together in unity, despite, diversity, religion, beliefs, characteristics etc.

  1. Non – discrimination: this is being resolute not to be selective in laying others and it promotes love, unity and progress

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