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Traditions and believe


Traditions imply customs, thoughts, practices, beliefs and activities that has been passed down through generations over a relatively long period informally.

Despite the long victory to traditions several new traditions have been evolved on purposes that are political, social or cultural.

Examples include official acknowledgement of holidays, socially meaningful clothes, like the lawyers wigs and traditional shrine regalia. They are also manifested through several norms like greeting, make – up, dressing, food and architecture

Beliefs are feelings of certainty that something exist, is true or is good. It can also be expressed as a view on political or moral cultural issues.

Skills / ways of promoting traditions and beliefs

  1. Through the family: Traditions and beliefs can be showcased through the family. Parents and guardians majorly transmit cultures and beliefs to the next generation (children/wards). They should continuously teach their local language to their children as well as their norms and values.
  2. Through the mass media: The impact of the media particularly the electronic media is in promoting our culture cannot be overemphasized. Radio and television go a long way in protecting the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria. They do these through music presentation, plays and dramas and other major programmes.
  3. Observance of cultural and national days in schools: The government should stipulate that schools at all levels should observe organised national days at least once in a year. During such event, every member of the school community should wear traditional cloth and prepare local dishes.
  4. Political leaders: They should reflect our culture in their dressing at home and abroad while camping out their official duties

It is quiet commendable that some states house of assembly in Nigeria have hear-marked a particular day of the week in which the house deliberations are done in vernacular – understood by everyone in the house.

  1. Workshop and Exhibition: Frequent exhibitions of tradition cosmetic materials of adornment, local dishes etc. should come up for the benefits of youth in various schools.

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