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Meaning of Self Reliance

Self-reliance is the belief in one’s ability to do certain thing by oneself without necessarily relying on other people. Self reliance is an act of being financially and economically independent by harnessing one’s talents and skills to earn income.

A self reliant person will not depend on anyone.  Such a person is always self sufficient. He is not looking elsewhere for support.


  1. What is self reliance?
  2. Describe self reliance.

Attributes of Self Reliance

The following are the attributes or characteristics of self reliance:

  1. Hardwork: To be self reliant one must work hard in order to achieve a given task without which nothing can be achieved.
  2. Dedication: This is a good habit of a self reliant person. It is the quality of being devoted or committed to something. A person must be dedicated so as to achieve his or her desired goals.
  3. Vocational Training: A self reliant person must be trained for a particular job that will earn such a person means of livelihood
  4. Independence: A self reliant person is an independent person. He can take any decision affecting his job without any consultation. He can go to work and close at any time.
  5. Risk Bearing: A self reliant person takes risk on his business. He alone will bear the losses and profits on his business.
  6. Diligence: A self reliant person will be diligent in his work. This is persistence and hard working effort in doing something. He will pay attention to his work.  He will also be persistent and tireless.
  7. Use of Initiative: Self reliance involves the ability to think of what an individual can do for himself to be financially independent.


  1. What is self reliance?
  2. Describe self reliance.
  3. State six attributes of self reliance.
  4. Highlight 5 attributes of self reliance.

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