Civic Education

Why leaders fail to protect followers interests


  1. Godfather’s: pleasing godfathers at expenses of the masses in a failure of political leaders(office older) usually such office holders must have written undertaken to reward their godfathers before being tipped for the post and they use public funds for their remuneration (compensation) as they like to be like those back in the coming election.
  2. Party interest: the leaders fail when they succumb to pressures of the party “BIG WIGS” who may frustrate them out of office. They fail because the remnant of public funds will not be enough to execute projects that will benefits the masses.
  3. Lack of visions: this is another factor responsible for the inability to deliver while in office.
  4. Greediness: politicians with “grab – it – all” attitude tends to influence contracts, divert public funds to their polices and do other inimical activities which makes them incredibly affluent.
  5. Insensitivity to peoples plight: politicians tends to spend money on frivolities like foreign trips, throwing extravagant parties, buying houses for themselves overseas rather than pressing issues like repairing bad – roads, lack of pipe borne waters, lack of good hospitals and deplorable school buildings.
  6. Tribalism, nepotism.

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