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Non- communicable diseases

Non-communicable diseases are diseases that cannot be transmitted from person to person. They are noninfectious health conditions that cannot be spread from one person to another. They last for a long period of time. Non-communicable diseases are also known as chronic diseases.

Causes of Non-communicable Diseases

They have many causes but are never caused by germs, bacteria or other living organisms that attack the body. They are rather caused by:

  1. Atomic fallouts
  2. Chemical fallouts
  3. Physiological failure of the tissues
  4. Brain damage
  5. Congenital problems
  6. Dietary imbalance
  7. Malnutrition
  8. Heredity
  9. Endocrine/hormonal accident

Atomic fallout: Deposition on the surface of the earth of radioactive particles, released into the atmosphere as a result of nuclear explosions and by discharge from nuclear-power and atomic installations.

Chemical fallouts: Chemical agents such as nerve gas, or biological weapons such as the contagious disease anthrax.

Physiological failures of the tissues: Inability of the body tissues to work properly

Brain damage: Injury to the brain tissue that can impair its ability to function

Congenital problems: This is also called congenital disorders, any abnormalities of structure or function that are present at birth.

Dietary imbalance:


Common Non-communicable Diseases, Causes and Prevention

Cardiovascular disease
e.g. heart attack, stroke
Obesity, blood glucose
blood pressure
Regular exercise,
regular medical checkups,
balanced diet
e.g. lung, liver, prostrate,
breast, cervical and skin
Exposure to ultraviolet rays
Genetic mutation, etc.
Note: There is no single
cause of cancer
Avoiding tobacco
Limiting alcohol consumption
Chronic respiratory disease
e.g. asthma, cystic fibrosis,
pulmonary hypertension
Heredity, smoking,
environmental conditions,
e.g. poor ventilation,
air pollution
Proper ventilation,
Good air quality
e.g. Type 1 and
Type 2 diabetes
high blood sugar, poor diet,
lack of exercise, obesity,
immune system dysfunction
Balanced diet, regular exercise,

Prevention of Non-communicable Diseases

  1. Personal hygiene
  2. Eat balance diet
  3. Regular cheek up in good hospital
  4. Regular exercise
  5. Immunization
  6. Use insecticide mosquito net
  7. Drink water free from germs


  1. Define non-communicable diseases.

Mention three (3) causes chronic diseases.

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