Music Notes

Playing the recorder


  • Fingering the recorder.
  • Playing the recorder


Fingering the recorder; conventionally we have eight major holes on the recorder – Seven holes in the front and one at the back.

For the left Hand, the hole at the back is meant for the left thumb, while the first three holes in front are for the left hand second, third and fourth fingers. The fifth finger (small finger) of the left hand is free.

         The right hand, on the other hand makes use of only three fingers – and occasionally uses the fifth finger(small finger),while the right thumb is placed underneath the instrument.

Playing the recorder Having held the recorder correctly and placing the fingers rightly, place the instrument to the lips and blow gently into the mouthpiece. Ensure that your tongue touches the roof of the mouth just behind the front teeth. Your tongue is meant to start or stop the flow of air. Try to articulate well by playing the word ‘too’ several times as you blow gently into the mouth piece. The exercise is known as tongueing.


  1. Demonstrate the correct holding of the recorder
  2. With the finger chart play the C major scale.


      Fundamentals of Music, for junior secondary schools, Upper Basic Education 1, Dr.H.C. Nwafor.

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