Exam Lessons Social Studies

Qualities And Behaviour That Enhance Friendship


            Position and Negative Peer Pressure

            Ways of Improving Friendship.

Qualities and Behaviour that Enhance Friendship

The following are the qualities and behaviours that enhance friendship.

  1. Forgiveness
  2. Respect
  3. Trust
  4. Affection
  5. Support during good and bad times
  6. Ability to keep confidences
  7. Cooperation
  8. Honesty
  9. Reliability

Position and Negative Peer Pressure

Peer pressure refers to the strong influence of friendship on one another in decision making.

Positive Peer Pressure

This refers to a situation where someone is positively influenced in making decision that brings progress and great achievements. Positive peer pressure includes being fluenced to be obedient, not to join bad gang, be of good behaviour all the time etc.

Negative Peer Pressure

This refers to a situation where someone is strongly influenced to misbehave or take bad decisions. Examples are being influenced to skip lessons in school, take hard drugs, disobey parents, engage in robbery, pre-marital sex etc.

Ways of Improving Friendship

  1. Sharing goals and aspirations.
  2. By having group activities and solving assignment together.
  3. Sharing information and exchanging gifts.
  4. Visiting each other’s family and other friends.
  5. Giving support in times of trouble
  6. Dating, with no expectation for shared sexual activity (adults of marriageable age.)
  7. Making positive comments about each other and having fun together.
  8. Keeping secrets and building trust.
  9. Practice active listening skills.


  1. Mention five qualities that enhance friendship.
  2. What is negative peer pressure?
  3. Mention five ways of improving friendship.


  1. Differentiate between negative and positive peer pressure.
  2. Mention two qualities that enhance friendship and mere acquaintances.


Fundamentals of Social Studies for Basic 7 by Sola Akinyemi. Pages 155-159

Simplified Social Studies for NSS&C PR Book 7 by Yusuf R.A .Pages 57 – 60


  1. The following are behaviours that enhances friendship except…….    A. honesty    B. trust    C. loyalty    D. malice    E. respect
  2. All of these are qualities of a good friends except………    A. forgiveness    B. selfishness    C. sharing    D. keeping confidence     E. love
  3. An individual who has made the wrong choice of friends may develop all of the following except. __________   A. stealing    B. respect    C. truancy    D. arrogance     E. honesty
  4. The agents of socialization do not includes ____________    A. mass media   b. peer group    C. religious institution     D. home      E. market
  5. All the following are qualities of love except ____      A. showing respect               B. companionship   C. commitment   D. understanding.     E. hated


  1. Mention five qualities that enhance friendship.
  2. Mention five ways of improving friendship.