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The object of social study, also referred to as the subject matter or scope of social studies, encompasses the examination and analysis of various aspects of human society and social behavior. Social studies is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on understanding and explaining how societies function, evolve, and interact. Its primary object of study includes:

  1. Human Society: Social studies explores the structure, organization, and dynamics of human societies. This includes studying different types of societies, their institutions, and the roles individuals play within them.
  2. Social Institutions: It examines the various social institutions that shape human life, such as family, education, religion, government, and the economy. Social studies investigates how these institutions function, evolve, and impact individuals and communities.
  3. Culture: Social studies delves into the study of culture, including language, customs, beliefs, values, and traditions. It seeks to understand how culture shapes identity, behavior, and interactions within a society.
  4. Social Behavior: This field analyzes human behavior in social contexts, including social norms, roles, and the factors that influence individual and group behavior. It explores topics like deviance, conformity, and socialization.
  5. History: Social studies involves the examination of historical events, developments, and trends. It explores how historical events have shaped contemporary societies and how past decisions and actions continue to influence the present.
  6. Geography: Geography is an integral part of social studies, as it studies the physical and spatial aspects of human societies. This includes the distribution of populations, resources, and the impact of geography on culture and society.
  7. Civics and Government: Social studies investigates the structures and functions of government and political systems. It examines citizenship, civic responsibilities, and the rights and obligations of individuals within a society.
  8. Economics: Social studies encompasses the study of economic systems, resources, trade, and financial matters. It explores how economic decisions impact individuals and societies as a whole.
  9. Global Interactions: In an increasingly interconnected world, social studies examines global issues, international relations, and the impact of globalization on societies.
  10. Contemporary Social Challenges: Social studies addresses current and emerging social challenges, such as inequality, poverty, environmental sustainability, and human rights.

The object of social study is to gain insights into the complexities of human societies and to promote critical thinking, informed citizenship, and a deeper understanding of the world in which we live. It is a broad and multifaceted field that draws upon knowledge from various disciplines to provide a comprehensive understanding of society and its intricacies.



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