Role of facilitator in marketing board

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Roles of Facilitators
1. They assist in food processing e.g. agricultural research institutes such as NISER, IAR & T, IITA, CRIN among others help to discover good planting seeds and manufacturing of both industrial machines and farm inputs.
2. They offer loans to farmers, business and merchant people e.g Nigerian Agricultural and Cooperative Bank(NACB) now proscribed, Community Banks & Finance Homes, Merchant Banks give out loan to producers and manufacturers with a view to facilitating availability and distribution of products to the nearness of the ultimate consumers.

3. Cooperative assistance
   It includes (a) Consumer cooperative society
                    (b) Producer cooperative society
                   ( c) Credit and thrift cooperative society
The essence of cooperative is to assist members and non-members to obtain and have access to loans which could be paid with interest with a view to promote, facilitate and enhance the business of merchants which invariably encourages the distribution of goods and services

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4. They provide mobility for transporting products from the place of manufacturing to where they are needed.
5. They offer free business advise, prepare business blueprint, proposal otherwise known as feasibility studies to new entrants into the business.

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