what are types of Bench saws?

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Please, What are the types of bench saws?
Please can you get at least 5

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Loveth answered 2 years ago

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Bench saw is another name for table saw. There is no different but though it is mostly called table saw instead.
See below the 5 types of table saws and their uses:
1. Benchtop Table Saw
Benchtop Table Saw
The benchtop table saw is assembled in the bench or smaller space. This table saw has little weight, and the cost of it is not as high as the other table saw. It also can be called a portable tool because for its lightweight it can be carried easily.
The blade is on the top, and there is an electric motor to operate the business smoothly. It can cut accurately based on the measurement. In general, we find that it can have a clean and straight cut. According to its price, and size, it can have a limited capacity of cutting. To cut anything soft and small like particleboard, a benchtop will be your best choice to use for it.
2. Jobsite Table Saw
Jobsite Table Saw
Jobsite table saw is a little larger than benchtop, and when it is in any operation, it is kept in a side stands of the job area. By analyzing the recent trends, we see that typically constructor and carpenter use the Jobsite table saw in the specific job sites. It is well-accepted by the consumer for its capability of making the laborious tasks done easily.
It is also portable, and in its features, we find that it has stands based on which it can complete a work in a standard manner. It also can cut accurately being grounded on the pre-calculated measurement. Dust collection facilities increase it’s another unique feature. Having a portable quality it can make sure the clueless word. 
3. Compact Table Saw
Compact Table Saw
The compact table saw is larger than any other portable table saw. The compact table saw is quite familiar to the carpenters and the woodworker. It has universal motors installed in it with a drive belt. For this large scale of work’s load can be led by this. Sometimes it seems, the compact is similar to carpenter saw.
Among the few models, it easy to find a suitable one. It can do big tasks for its materials like iron table tops, universal motors, and effective design. For the work in the construction site, it has found your job to be done. Accuracy is another quick feature of this saw. 
4. Hybrid Table Saw
Hybrid Table Saw
The hybrid table saw has some key-features which are brought with it then you couldn’t find any other competitor of the market. Very often we find hybrid table saws are the best saw of the business dealings and combination of contractor saw and a cabinet saw.
To improve the dust condition, it included features from the contractor saw at a cheap price from the manufactures. In the market, we see that there are two types of hybrid tune-ups such as cabinet mounted tune-up and another is table-mounted tune-up. It also can be an excellent choice for woodworkers.

5. Contractor Table Saw
Contractor Table Saw
The contractor table saw can do the large, heavy, and complex tasks to compete with other tables saws based on the stand or wheels. A contractor table saw has the blade on the back and facility to collect the dust. It is often said that the contractor table saw to facilitate the surface ready for the work.
A larger table area and the blade have not only strong but also challenging. Mainly we can find this table saw in the market with some key features like a powerful working capacity and a big motor belt. This saw is very much robust and functional for its persuading activities. According to customers, it’s a great feature is the possibility of cutting the woodwork within a short time.
Source: https://toolshaven.com/types-of-table-saws/

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