which battery do you recommend as the best?

All QuestionsCategory: Power and Energywhich battery do you recommend as the best?
[email protected] asked 3 years ago

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which battery do you recommends as de best

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StopLearn Team Staff answered 3 years ago

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The best battery for inverter or solar system depends on a lot of factors as it will be hard to say that this particular battery is the best. If you are looking for the most durable battery, then its a Lithium ion battery but then again, its usually expensive. I have this post below that shows what you have to look out for in a deep cycle battery:

So how do you know the best inverter battery brand in Nigeria?
I would have asked you to check the specification sheet of the battery before purchase but the truth is that you don’t always trust the published specifications especially from Chinese brands. Other manufacturers put rubbish inside the battery to make it weigh more! But checking the spec sheets is still necessary, so in my opinion, look out for this:

  1. Battery number of cycle should be at least 450 in 70% DoD
  2. Battery weight for 200Ah should be at least 60kg.
  3. And…Buy from a reputable dealer.

This no 3 point is very important. You must buy from a reputable dealer that provides at least 1 year warranty on the batteries.
To be frank, #3 is the most important point. We have tens of battery brands from all over the world and it will be almost impossible to point a particular best battery brand. But a reputable dealer knows the good batteries and he most times stock only the good ones. Why should he give 1 year warranty on a battery that will last 6-11 months? By reputable dealers, we mean authorised and registered companies and not really big traders in the market. Traders are usually after the money and money alone, many (and not all) of them do not honor their warranty policies.

The link also recommends batteries.

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