Physical and Health Education

Recreation, leisure and dance activities

Recreation can be defined as participation in sporting activities during our leisure time. It is a voluntary participation in which no monetary gain is expected.

It is done after one’s daily job, usually for fun, enjoyment, social and physical benefits.

Definition of Leisure and Rest

Leisure is one’s free time and this embraces what one does to gainfully occupy his free time.

Rest is a state of being free from activity and disturbance. It helps to prevent tension.

The best state of rest is sleep.

Definition of Dance

Dance is expressive movement of turning twisting and rolling of the body (parts) to conform with the rhythm of a sound, beat or music. It is a way of expressing our inner feelings of joy and happiness.

Components of Recreation

Recreation covers a wide range of activities which can be grouped into:

(i) Indoor recreational activities.

(ii) Outdoor recreational activities.

Types of Activities under the Two Components of Recreation

Indoor Activities

These are activities that are performed inside the house, hall or generally under a roof.

Examples include:

(i) Playing music

(ii) Drawing and painting

(iii) Sewing

(iv) Watching television

(v) Playing of indoor games such as cards, Ludo, Scrabble and Chess

(vi) Reading or writing for pleasure, dancing

(vii) Singing

Outdoor Activities

There are activities that are performed outside or in the open such as parks, game reserves, beach and sports field.

Examples are:

Mountaineering, playing outdoor games, walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, fishing, camping, picnicking, gardening, canoeing, horse riding, hiking, etc.

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