Christian Religious Studies JSSCE

Relationship in the school


The School Family

Every school consists of five groups of people, which come together to form the school family.

Group 1The Principal, Vice-Principal, Administrators (private schools), Bursar, and Secretary.
Group 2The Teachers – Form Masters and Mistresses.
Group 3Subject Teachers.
Group 4Prefects and Class Monitors – Students.
Group 5Students.

Choosing Friends at School

A friend is someone who is very close to us. Friendship occurs as a result of likeness.

During our first days at school, we have no friends. We are just individuals from different homes who have been brought together to learn. Eventually, we are to choose some of our class mate or school mate to become our friends. Human being has been created by God in way that we can’t live in isolation. On a daily basis, we need to interact with our fellow mates to discuss, learn and impact knowledge. Friends are inevitable in the journey of life. They can either make you or mar you.

Reasons/Factors for the Choice of Friends

At most times, we choose friends because of the same:

(i) age group.

(ii) common interest or school clubs.

(iii) religion.

(iv) intelligence level.

(v) good behavior, etc.

At times, our friendship becomes a lifelong relationship (family-friends).

Moral Lessons

  1. To grow in life in all areas, we need one another.
  2. We can’t do without the help of others so we must show ourselves friendly.


  1. Name two factors that aid students in choosing friends at school.
  2. List five evils of making bad friends close to you.
  3. What are the conditions that surround our choice of friend?
  4. Who is the next to the Principal in the hierarchy of school family and what is his work?
  5. What is the name of the person that helps the Principal in keeping the school account records?

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