Civic Education

Rights and duties of citizens

Meaning of Rights and Duties with Examples

Rights are claims of individuals as citizens of a country. These rights include:

(i) Right to life;

(ii) Right to personal liberty;

(iii) Right to fair hearing;

(iv) Right to dignity of human person;

(v) Right to education;

(vi) Right to freedom of association;

(vii) Freedom to vote and to be voted for during election; etc.

Duties on the other hand, are the obligations and actions which are expected from citizens in return for the rights of freedom they enjoy as citizen of a country. For example it is our duty as citizens:

(i) To pay taxes and other levies promptly;

(ii) To vote during election;

(iii) To obey the law of the country

(iv) Having respect and obedience to oneself, the community and the government.

(v) To maintain peace and order in the State.

(vi) Obeying the Laws of the State.

(vii) Enlisting in the armed forces when military service is compulsory to defense one’s Nation.

(viii) Protecting the good name of one’s country.

(ix) Assisting in keeping the state secure by reporting, criminals and law breaker to police.

(x) Environmental cleanliness- keeping the environment clean is the responsibility of every citizen.

(xi) Taking good care of public property.


  1. What are rights and duties of the citizens?
  2. Give 5 examples each of citizens’ rights and duties.

Differences between Rights and Duties of Citizens

1.Rights are benefits of a citizen in a countryDuties are things expected of a citizen
of country to do
2.Rights of citizens are contained in the
constitution of the country
Duties are things expected of citizens
by the constitution.
3.Rights protects citizens basic freedomCitizen must perform their duties to
enjoy their freedom
4.Rights are what we must haveDuties are what we must do.


  1. Enumerate three differences between rights and duties of the citizens.

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