Sentence Intonation Pattern


Intonation is another feature of speech which affect the understanding of a message. This is the rise and fall of the voice in speech (or the vanation) in pitch intonation convey the attitude or mood of the speaker to his audience.

Intonation is the change in the level of pitch (how high or low the voice is) make   speech interesting.

The two basic pattern of intonation is the falling tune and the rising tune, using up         and down         for indication. Example


–           The ‘student are’ working’ hard’ (     )

–           Bola will be ‘here’ ‘anytime’ (      )

–           ‘Rose is a ‘beautiful girl (    )

The people in the ‘office ‘stole the car (      )

Incomplete Sentence

‘when she ‘comes to school……(      )

‘if I were ‘you……..(       )

Just as the man arrived (       )

Command or Order;

‘Get out of here! (     )

‘Open the ‘door at ‘once! (     )

‘Don’t touch the food!  (     )

‘Be careful! (     )

Yes/No Question

Is this your bag?   (     )

Did you see them? (     )

Is the story true?  (     )


An Argumentative Essay is the one that demands that the student should carefully consider an issue which has two sides to it and prove that one side has more merit than the other. It is like a debate in which you have two-sided topic and you have to decide that the other. Argumentative topic demand ones

( i) to prove a point

(ii) Express an opinion

(iii) Strike a balance between two side of an issue.

Types of Argumentative Essay.

There are three broad types of Argumentative Essay. What is common to all of them is that they all have two sides to them, which may not be too glaring at first

(a)        Those that require one proving point- this require a lot of think and require a          lot of think and  generally proved on what one’s belief.

(b)        Those that require you & Express your Opinion on an issue. This is the type of      issue in which you should discuss both sides and end by indicating which one and you consider to be the best. Here are examples:

(i)         Has Science helped man to lead a better, happier life?

(ii)        Ane we happier than our fore father?

  1. Those that require you to consider both side and judge.

These are topic that require one to examine the two side and like a judge, say which side has won. The  topic specifically say you should consider both side criticallty

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