English JSSCE Notes

Speech work: Vowel /I:/


1. /I:/ Seat, meet, Police, Seize, Read

     Field, key, quay, People, amoeba

Vowel contrast

/i:/         /I/

seat             Sit

deep        did

heat         hit

feet         fit

read        rid

bid         bead

dip        deep

lip          leap

There is a great difference between /i:/ and the short /I/. This difference is shown by keeping the tongue longer in the same position for the pronunciation of /I:/ than you will do for the pronunciation of /I/.

Evaluation: words

1. Find five pairs of words that can show the contrast between the short /I/  and the long /I:/ as in the examples above.

Reading Assignment

Vowel contrast – /I:/ and /I/


Oral English for schools and colleges. Page 16

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